Fees and expenses

A naming ceremony costs £295 anywhere in Greater London. For ceremonies outside of Greater London I may also charge travel expenses and, if required, the cost of overnight accommodation. I do my best to keep these additional expenses reasonable and will agree them with you in advance.

I require a deposit of £95 before the first meeting and the balance is payable one week before the ceremony at the latest.

The cost is the same for a single ceremony whether for one child or more.

What's included?

Included in the price are:

  • A meaningful, personal ceremony, unique to your family;

  • A presentation ceremony script as a keepsake to treasure;

  • All pre-ceremony meetings;

  • Opportunities to edit the script, to ensure you are comfortable with everything we have planned;

  • Accreditation fees paid to Humanists UK which cover ongoing professional development, appropriate Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance, and regular peer reviews to ensure the quality of Humanists UK ceremonies;

  • An attractive 'Order of Ceremony' programme for your guests, sent electronically as a pdf for you to arrange printing (I can also arrange professional printing at cost, typically ~£60);

  • A friendly, helping hand through your planning to make your ceremony special.

Is it legally binding?

Humanist naming ceremonies have no standing in law and the role of guideparent is a purely symbolic one.

If you wish to nominate legal guardians for your child(ren) in the event of your death, you must go through the proper legal process of naming them as guardians in your will. 

Can we include religious readings/ music?

The Humanists UK celebrant handbook advises that religious content "cannot be accommodated within a humanist ceremony unless the context is particularly fitting and can be signalled appropriately". 

In practice, I will not read religious texts myself, but I am willing to discuss introducing carefully selected religious readings or music within a ceremony as appropriate. 

What happens if I can't conduct your ceremony?

If for some reason, after we have agreed to work together, I am unable to conduct your ceremony, I will let you know as soon as possible. I will arrange for another Humanists UK celebrant to conduct your ceremony instead. With your permission, I will pass on your details and the most recent draft of the script to this person.  All Humanists UK celebrants have passed the same high quality selection, training and accreditation process and should be able to deliver an excellent ceremony.