A Thank You Card

On Sunday 14th October I was lucky enough to conduct a ceremony in the Empire Room at the beautiful Landmark Hotel in Marylebone.

Look at this gorgeous space!

The Empire Room at The Landmark Hotel, Marylebone

The Empire Room at The Landmark Hotel, Marylebone

The room was laid out with a ceremony space at one end and tables for refreshments at the other so it didn’t feel too open. It was also decorated with lovely pale blue and white flowers.

The ceremony itself was actually quite intimate with family and close friends only, so I was quite aware of balancing the relatively informal tone with the grandeur of the room. Thankfully the family themselves were lovely. When we met they were very friendly and open with me, and very enthusiastic and excited about their ceremony. This made me much more confident in my script and delivery.

The ceremony went well and was enlivened by some very sweet interjection from the little boy being named. He definitely wanted to join in. After it was over, we enjoyed a glass of bubbly, and the guests and I added our marks onto a very pretty fingerprint tree the mother had found on Etsy. Then I left the group to enjoy their party.

Thank you card.jpg

A few days later I had a card in the post. As it was recently my birthday, I didn't think too much of it until I opened it up.

The message inside read:

Dear Martha

Thank you very much for being the celebrant at [Baby]’s Naming Day last weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and many of our guests said how much they appreciated the ceremony.

We had never been to a Naming Day before but you made the whole process so easy for us and your heartfelt tone gave us exactly the type of event we wanted. We will always remember it.

Thank you.

With best wishes,

[Mother] and [Father]”

I’d be lying if I didn't say it brought a little tear to my eye. I often get a nice email after a ceremony but it was really special to know that the parents felt it was worth going to the trouble of sending me a card. Right now it has pride of place on the bookshelf in my living room where I see it every day.